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SunEdison, Inc. (formerly MEMC Electronic Materials) is a renewable energy company headquartered in the U.S. In addition to developing, building, owning, and operating solar power plants and wind energy plants, it also manufactures high purity polysilicon, monocrystalline silicon ingots, silicon wafers, solar modules, solar energy systems, and solar module racking systems.

According to Bloomberg, "The company’s debt-fueled investment strategy led it to spend $3.1 billion on acquisitions in the last two years. As SunEdison investors lost faith in the company, they sold, spurring the company’s stock to plummet. The company’s overall debt is in excess of $16 billion, making it the largest American bankruptcy in at least a year."


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Former Employee - Operations Manager says

"Filed bankruptcy, over sold what they manage"

Former Employee - Senior Project Manager says

"Senior mngt lied constantly, getting too big for their britches"

Current Employee - Director says

"lost focus of the core business model and management style that lends itself to inefficiency"

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"Upper management at SunEdison was careless, irresponsible, didn't care about employees, didn't know how to run a company. Went bankrupt after trying to go public."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"management had no idea how to run a company"

Former Employee - Asset Management says

"Management were out of touch with the business unfortunately."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Management was completely clueless. Functionaries at best."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Poorly led at the top and didn't take care of its employees."

Former Employee - Senior Project Manager Utility Plants says

"senior management knee-capped by bad policies, heavy credit burden exasperated by bad financial practices"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Staff mining and surveillance. Corruption from the top down. Bankruptcy (both moral & the other kind)."

Director (Former Employee) says

"The most toxic company I had ever worked for. No wonder the company went down. The management always had new shiny object syndrome and ignored their long lasting employeesNoneEverything"

Machine Operator (Former Employee) says

"Got work place harrassment all the time for nothing supervisor constantly breathing down my neck. Verbally attack by coworkers and seen others get get sexually harassed and still are working at this placeNoneAll"

Plant Manager, Kaheawa I & II Wind Farms (Former Employee) says

"SunEdison is a big mess. Upper-level management is horrible. Mid-level management is poor. Employees are left to sort out horrible situations without support."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Management treat you like pheasants they don't care what you are going through they want to point you for being 2 minutes late and they always changing policies and not notify the employees and also hours are horribleDays offWorking there"

Leader (Former Employee) says

"I have had first hand knowledge working day to day of the white trash leadership that Sun Edison has brought onboard here in the Texas Panhandle. They reek of incompetence and will destroy an organization in short order. The situation that was proposed to me each and everyday was completely negative and the site manager attempted fear and intimidation of the employees. They did not succeed and have been terminated from continuing with Sun. I am completely happy to be away from this toxic team!NoneUnstable Company, No Leadership, Uneducated Management"

IT Manager (Former Employee) says

"A promising renewable energy company that attracted creative, smart, high-energy people that was dismantled overnight due to increasing debt and risky growth strategy through M&A.Incredible talent pool of peopleLow morale, unrealistic goals set by Executives, overly optimistic, high attrition"

Operating Team Technician (Former Employee) says

"Sunedison, at one time was a company that you could be proud to work for. Now they are financially unstable and treat their American employees like trash. The benefits have been poor for years and raises non existent. The culture is very divided, corporate individuals may be treated well, especially for new candidates coming on board. Use it as a stepping stone and get out. Turn over is high amongst corporate ranks too. Read the public information regarding the three companies and if you can see thru the smoke and mirrors you will either see corruption or incompetence.Benefits"

worker bee (Current Employee) says

"This company is ran by middle eastern men who have no use or respect for women. The corporate division has all the perks where as the manufacturing side has not had a raise in 7+ years and works most holidays. The management gives the impression that they have no real direction and the press releases make that clear to the point of being embarrassing. The constant contradiction is costing them millions.noneuncertain future"

Operatore di produzione (Current Employee) says

"La turnazone 3-1 è alienante e faticosa. Il giorno in cui si smonta il turno di notte è l'unico riposo prima di quello del pomeriggio, non consente nessun recupero dalla fatica e quando si fa presente il problema al direttore questi risponde che se non ci sta bene possiamo anche andarcene. È la classica fabbrica stile anni '50 nella quale, quando si verifica un problema, non si cerca una soluzione bensì un colpevole. Troppo facile così.Salario a malapena sufficiente.Turni massacranti, boria e arroganza dei superiori."

operatore specializzato produzione (Former Employee) says

"Lavoro interessante e parecchio impegnativo, anche per via della turnazione sfavorevole che, nel caso dei somministrati è ancora più pesante, dato che non sono previsti riposi compensativi. Quello che mi ha lasciato incredula e schifata è la gestione tipo cupola mafiosa che appesta indisturbata il reparto lappatura."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Management and engineers are running production from their desk instead of being on the front line with the operators where all the work is done! To many programs to maintain Lean, 5S, Culture training, that is basically what you should have been taught when you were a child. No account ability for anyone, nobody wants to hurt your feelings, no consequences for repeat offenders. Operator pay is to low for what is expected from the operators which is causing quality issues and job turnover."

Project Management (Former Employee) says

"Moved from a very stable position to Sunedison. Expected long-term career at large corporation. Wouldn't have felt so burned if it wasn't for the fact that internally they knew that the bankruptcy was coming but needed to hire personnel to close out their jobs. Promised several benefits that were taken away after months. All around very unfortunate situation and felt completely misled by management."

Senior Process Engineer (Former Employee) says

"If you ever thought your job was a role in a circle of Hades, you have no idea. The place is terrible, and the people in charge are clueless about process and business management."

Production Technician/Operator (Former Employee) says

"Racist working environment with a lot of back stabbing front management till the general workers. Salaries always cutt of without any logic reasons with a lot of injuries without covered by socso or any insurance companies.Free parkingNo safety"

Process Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"could not take vacation days due to short staffing. Warned company of impending disaster, they let it happen, people were burned, HR was completely unresponsive to site needs. People rose to their level of incompetence. Flattery gets you much further than ability with this company. They are in chapter 11 due to gross mismanagement, cost a lot of folks everything.noneoverworked"

Maintenance/Process Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Fires would happen and burn equipment almost every day. It was so common the evacuation horn would not be sounded. There was no importance on developing a safe work culture.noneDangerous"

Intercompany Accountant (Current Employee) says

"Temporary Assignment getting books in order to emerge from bankruptcy. Reconciled intercompany accounts that had not been reconciled for years, therefore, a lot of data to be reviewed."

Wind Turbine Manager (Current Employee) says

"Poor management, over expansion, poor accounting, questionable business practices, Bankrupt, no continuity among projects, poor handling of employee notification.BankruptBankrupt"

Solar Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Sunedison is a terrible place to work. Management is the worst I have ever experienced. Most proposals and contracts have errors in them and the design team does not fix them. Every step of the process there are serious issues. From sales to installation it can take seven months and management does not resolve the issue, terrible customer service. If there is an issue with a project instead of resolving it they place the project in Sales Hold were it can remain in perpetuity. They have a step called Verification which the Credit/Verification team was supposed to perform but they never did, so they just put the projects on Sales Hold. I could go on and on. Recently they have been cheating me out of my commission. No wonder they are on the verge of bankruptcy. This is the worst company I have ever worked for.Terrible management, not responsive to customers, cheated me out of commissin"

One of the few who has a brain (Current Employee) says

"I honestly don't think ANYONE at the company knows what's going on or what to do....I have never worked for such an unorganized company in my life! They do not have the most basic procedures in place. Complete chaos.Huge salariesEXTREMELY poor leadership"

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